My context report was about the Fear of Public Speaking, I wanted to choose a project theme that is close to my heart and something that links back directly to me.

During my very first Ayfaw Kucha presentation, where I was discussing my interests, I spoke about how much I hate talking in front of an audience of people and in my feedback we spoke about how I should somehow define Public Speaking.

But what is it that qualifies as Public Speaking?

Does talking to one person but being overheard by others count? How many people do you have to talk in front of before it becomes an ‘audience’ or could an audience just consist of one person? These were the questions I started off with and I spent some time trying to develop my own definition of ‘Public Speaking’, but I realised this is subjective. One person might think talking to a group of four or five is hard whereas another might only think talking to an audience of no less than a hundred should be considered as Public Speaking.